Witch Alone – book review

A Witch Alone
Apprentice Witch #2
by James Nicol
Juvenile Fiction
Young Adult Fiction
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Arianwyn’s experience with the forgotten glyphs brings her to the attention of the High Elder, who wants her to go on a quest to retrieve a special book that is supposed to contain more of them. Although Arianwyn will have companions, they aren’t allowed to reveal the true purpose of their mission. This causes some problems. Arianwyn also learns that she must continue to work with/mentor Gimma, who betrayed her in the previous book. Can that relationship even be salvaged? And there’s more work to do, more dangers to face as hex infects the nearby forest and dangerous magical creatures overrun the town. It’s a lot of weight on a young witch’s shoulders.

This second book in the Apprentice Witch series leaves readers hanging a bit at the end. The book of glyphs is not what they thought it would be and there’s a traitor in the witches’ midst! Gimma gets herself into some serious trouble, too, and her fate is unresolved. Which means…lots to discover in book #3. 🙂

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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