By Night – book review

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By Night 
vol. 1
by John Allison
Science Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Jane and Heather go way back, but haven’t seen each other since they graduated from college. Now they’re both back in their hometown, Spectrum, where exactly nothing happens ever. Heather has a great idea that’s sure to be fun – the Charleswood Estate, abandoned for years, has officially run out of money to fund its security man (conveniently, Heather’s dad), and Heather’s managed to get ahold of his keys. While they’re doing some urban exploring, the women discover a secret room and a strange machine that creates portals into another dimension/world. They even find a weird little green dude who offers to show them around. When they return to do some serious documentation (Jane is obsessed with film-making), they get trapped, and Jane’s coworker Barney has to arrange a rescue mission. He and Heather’s dad manage to figure out more about the machine and what it does, and in the process they free the ladies. All FOUR go back to finish making Jane’s movie, but it’s really just the beginning of their adventures! What was Project Golf and what did Chet Charles and Dr. Gramercy have to do with it? An intriguing and funny beginning, fans of Stranger Things and Paper Girls should enjoy this, so-far, light-hearted, multidimensional mystery.

Reviewed by YA Librarian