Flawed – book review

Flawed Flawed duology, bk #1 by Cecelia Ahern Dystopian Science Fiction Suspense Thriller * * * * Stars (Great!) Celestine North has never questioned the Guild that enforces her country’s moral/ethical code until she finds herself in the middle of an incident on a bus where her own personal sense of what’s right trumps the law. She helps an old, Flawed man, who is clearly deathly ill, and her transgressions earn her a life sentence … Read more

Mexikid – book review

Mexikid by Pedro Martín Autobiography Biography Graphic Novel Nonfiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) Peter/Pedro Martin is a Mexican-American and one of 9 kids (he’s the 7th-born in his family). This memoir is about how his folks decide to bring the whole family to Mexico so they can bring Abuelito (Pedro’s grandfather) back to live with them. He’s been alone since his wife passed away and Pedro’s parents have been trying to get him … Read more

Fantastic Vegan Recipes for the Teen Cook – book review

Fantastic Vegan Recipes for the Teen Cook by Elaine Skiadas Cookbooks Nonfiction Vegan Cooking/Recipes * * * * Stars (Great!) Elaine Skiadas is the teen creator of Wandering Chickpea (blog), where she shares her recipes and her amazing food photography. I have bookmarked several recipes to try, but haven’t had a chance to make them yet. From the photos, however, everything looks DELICIOUS. I think a lot of these recipes would have appeal beyond the … Read more

Sunshine – book review

Sunshine by Jarrett J. Krosoczka Biography Graphic Novel Memoir Nonfiction * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) While in high school Jarrett Krosoczka volunteers at Camp Sunshine, a summer camp for children with life-threatening illnesses. He is assigned to be a one-on-one companion to thirteen-year-old Diego who has brain cancer and uses a wheelchair. It’s an intense assignment for a new volunteer and Jarrett takes his new responsibilities seriously. He also interacts with other teen … Read more

In Limbo – book review

In Limbo by Deb JJ Lee Biography Graphic Novel Memoir Nonfiction * * * * Stars (Great!) Deborah is Korean American (she came to the US with her family when she was 3) and she’s struggling to find a path for herself. Her mother has Great Expectations for her future and becomes angry and physically violent with Deb when she fails to get perfect grades, speak Korean fluently, and become a musical virtuoso. Deb wants … Read more

Spy Camp – book review

Spy Camp Spy School, book #2 Graphic Novel Mystery Suspense Thriller * * * * Stars (Great!) Ben Ripley started spy school in the first installment of this graphic novel series based on the books. Now he’s just been informed that ALL students are required to attend summer school, actually summer camp for prospective spies. Ben’s getting himself resigned to MORE school when he discovers that the evil spy organization, SPYDER is STILL after him … Read more

Out of My Heart – book review

Out of My Heart sequel to “Out of My Mind” by Sharon Draper Realistic Fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) Melody has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair because she has trouble controlling how her body moves. She also has difficulty speaking, but has an assistive device that she calls “Elvira” that allows her to type out what she wants to say. In “Out of My Mind” Melody found her voice through Elvira and … Read more

Nature’s Best Hope – book review

Nature’s Best Hope: How You Can Save the World in Your Own Yard by Douglas W. Tallamy, adapted by Sarah L. Thomson Nature Nonfiction * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Douglas Tallamy presents some compelling evidence that the world is struggling because of human overpopulation and its sprawling, destructive consequences. He makes the case that things could be improved for all species if we were all to convert at least some of our lawns … Read more

You Have a Match – book review

You Have a Match by Emma Lord Mystery Realistic Fiction Romance * * * Stars (Pretty good) When Abby’s best friends convince her to get a DNA test she doesn’t expect to find that she has a secret older sister. But the more she learns the more indisputable the facts are. After meeting Savannah (Savvy), who has a huge social media presence, Abby decides to attend the same summer camp where Savvy is working – … Read more

One of Us Is Lying – book review

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus Mystery Realistic Fiction Suspense Thriller * * * * Stars (Great!) Four high school students end up in detention together under false pretenses, and become suspects in a murder investigation when the only other teen in detention with them suddenly dies. Traces of peanut oil (he was highly allergic) are found on the cup he drank from and his epi pen is missing (as are emergency … Read more