Sunny Makes a Splash – book review

Sunny Makes a Splash
Sunny #4
by Jennifer and Matthew Holm
Graphic Novel
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Tween (grades 4+)
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Summer is here! And most of Sunny’s friends are off doing other things while Sunny is home babysitting her little brother. Until she lucks into a job at the pool working at the concession stand. She makes lots of new friends there among the life guards and gets to know her coworker better – they go to school together but never really hung out before. It’s all making Sunny’s mom insane, though. She’s convinced that Sunny is secretly dating her friend Tony and always dials up the drama. Grandpa comes to visit, too, and makes a new lady friend when he starts volunteering at the thrift shop. Sunny’s mom also finds this unacceptable! Although Sunny’s mom can be a little much, Sunny is pretty responsible and grown up and she and her grandpa are a hoot. Really love her continuing saga (this is book #4).

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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