Mockingjay – Read It and Rate It

Mockingjay Hunger Games #3 by Suzanne Collins Dystopian Science Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This book I loved because it was so full of action and violence, like how they go into the Capitol. Also this book did not take me long to read because it is an amazing book. I hope other people will read it. Review #2 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) In the final book … Read more

Slated – book review

Slated Slated trilogy #1 by Teri Terry Dystopian Mystery Romance Science Fiction Suspense/Thriller * * * * Stars (Great!) Kyla is one of the Slated – her memories have been erased to give her a clean slate and she’s just been given clearance to go home with a new family.  As part of her contract, she must wear a monitoring bracelet (a Levo) that measures her mood – if she drops below a certain level, … Read more

Hungry – book review

Hungry by H. A. Swain Dystopian Science Fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) Thalia’s mother helped create the innovative nutritional substitute and drugs that feed everyone and suppress their appetites and other urges (Synthamil).  No one really eats or cooks anymore and there isn’t any food (there may not be any plants or animals either, as previous generations poisoned the Earth).  Now her parents work for the company that distributes Synthamil – One World … Read more

Thunderhead – book review

Thunderhead Arc of a Scythe #2 by Neal Shusterman Dystopian Science Fiction Suspense Thriller * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) The Scythedom is split into factions – those who respect the old ways and take their responsibilities seriously, and those who embrace killing for its own pleasure and who would like to repeal their self-imposed restrictions. The Mid-American High Blade’s position is left vacant when Xenocrates accepts a new title – Grandslayer. Whomever is … Read more

Fahrenheit 451 – Read It and Rate It

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Classics Dystopian Science Fiction Review #1 * * * Stars (Pretty good) It’s about a future American society where books are illegal. If you have one it is required you get rid of it or you will be prosecuted. I liked it, but at the same time didn’t like it because it’s interesting why they didn’t want to learn anything new, they thought they knew everything they needed to. Didn’t … Read more

Selection – Read It and Rate It

The Selection Selection #1 by Kiera Cass Dystopian Fantasy Realistic Fiction Romance Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) “The Selection” was about a young prince who wanted to find love.  There were a lot of challenges with the person he wanted.  America didn’t want to find love, but she fell in love with Maxon.  I loved the book because it showed how difficult royal life could be. Review #2 * * Stars … Read more

Scythe – book review

Scythe by Neal Shusterman Dystopian Science Fiction * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) In the future, humans have given over the governing and control of society to an artificial intelligence known as the Thunderhead (which evolved from the Cloud/data storage). “…[T]he Thunderhead was incorruptible. Not only that, but its algorithms were built on the full sum of human knowledge. All the time and money wasted on political posturing, the lives lost in wars, the … Read more

Insurgent – Read It and Rate It

Insurgent Divergent #2 by Veronica Roth Adventure Dystopian Science Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) I absolutely love this book because it continued right on from Divergent, the first book. When Tris and Tobias set out to fight their way back to Erudite headquarters there’s so much action and the book never leaves you bored. It does always keep you hanging, though. I definitely recommend reading this book, but after you … Read more

Champion – book review

Champion Legend series #3 by Marie Lu Dystopian Science Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) June and Day have been apart for a year when Day gets a message that June wants to see him.  The Republic is in trouble.  If it can’t produce a cure for the plague that is sweeping through the Colonies, they will attack.  The Republic has no such cure, but its leader believes they can develop one if they … Read more

Four – Read It and Rate It

Four Companion novel to Divergent series by Veronica Roth Adventure Dystopian Romance Science Fiction Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) This is a book based from the Divergent series also by Veronica Roth. In this book, Four, otherwise known as Tobias Eaton, is telling the story through his point of view. This book is addicting and interesting/fun to read, but is lacking a lot of details. I understand that details are not as … Read more