Garfield Keeps His Chins Up – Read It and Rate It

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Garfield Keeps His Chins Up
by Jim Davis

Review #1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
I liked this book because I thought it was funny and cute. It was funny and it showed the way a fat lazy cat would react as a human. He hates Mondays, John, Odie, and going to the vet. He loves eating, sleeping, kicking Odie, waking up John in the morning, ruining John’s dates, and performing on fences. When he sings on his fence no one likes him. They always throw stuff at him. In one, someone shoots flaming arrows at him. He’s fine, but they burn down his fence and he has to sing on a fake flamingo. John came and fixed it so he could sing on it again. The neighborhood wasn’t happy.

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