New Moon – Read It and Rate It

New Moon Twilight series #2 by Stephenie Meyer Fantasy Romance Review # 1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This is the sequel to Twilight, also by Stephenie Meyer. Like in the first book, the characters are very easy to relate to. When Edward’s brother Jasper almost kills Bella at her 18th birthday, Edward decides to leave Bella alone for her own good. Alone and heartbroken, Bella must deal with her loss and stay … Read more

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason – Read It and Rate It

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason sequel to Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding Realistic Fiction Romance Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) This is a great book for girl teenagers. It tells a story of a girl whose life is not going the way she wants it to, but she still enjoys living life to the best it can be lived. this book is in diary form, which is pretty cool because … Read more

Avielle of Rhia – Read It and Rate It

Avielle of Rhia by Dia Calhoun Adventure Fantasy Romance Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) I recommend this book to everyone out there reading this! It is about a princess named Arielle who is shunned by the people of her kingdom. After a devastating whirlwind, her family is dead and she lives with the villagers. She soon learns that everyone loves and then she saves the kingdom of Rhia from all evil. … Read more

Gossip Girl – Read It and Rate It

Gossip Girl Gossip Girl series #1 by Cecily von Ziegesar Realistic Fiction Romance Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) Blaire’s ex-bestfriend Serena shows up, but Serena doesn’t know that Blaire hates her. Blaire was always jealous of Serena, so when she went to boarding school, Blaire was the most popular. Now, Blaire’s boyfriend (who always loved Serena) doesn’t love Blaire as much. But, Serena’s life is not as great as it used to … Read more

Wizard’s First Rule – Read It and Rate It

Wizard’s First Rule Sword of Truth series #1 by Terry Goodkind Adventure Fantasy Romance Science Fiction * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This book was amazing! It’s about a guy named Richard and he’s walking in the woods when he sees this girl being chased. So he saves her and finds out her name is Kahlen and she’s a Confessor. The book is about the adventures they have to go on to save the … Read more

Eclipse – Read It and Rate It

Eclipse Twilight series #3 by Stephenie Meyer Adventure Fantasy Romance Review # 1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) I liked this book because it was fantastic. It has adventure, fantasy, romance, and suspense all in one. I liked the part when Bella and Edward are camping during the battle and Victoria comes. I was happy Victoria died in this book, because I’ve been very anxious to know since book 1 Twilight. I think … Read more

Forever in Blue – Read It and Rate It

Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants #4 by Ann Brashares Realistic Fiction Romance Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Forever in Blue is about 4 young women named Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget. The pants keep them together as Lena goes to art school at RISD. Also, Carmen finds herself at a theater to help a friend. Tibby finds herself working on scropts for … Read more

Look for Me By Moonlight – Read It and Rate It

Look for Me By Moonlight by Mary Downing Hahn Mystery Romance Supernatural Thriller * * Stars (Just ok) The library calls this book “reading after Twilight” but I call it re-reading Twilight. It’s a story about a teenage girl who visits her divorced father far away and meets and falls in love with a handsome and mysterious dude who happens to be a vampire. Hmmm…sound a bit familiar. The book was a pretty easy read … Read more

Fifteen – Read It and Rate It

Fifteen by Beverly Cleary Romance Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Too good to be true! Jane is asked out by the most popular boy in the whole school. But what if she messes up or her parents don’t let her go? Review #2 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This book is about a girl named Jane and a boy named Stan. Jane has never dated before and the popular … Read more