Huntley Area Public Library Receives Donation of Magnified Vision Device from Huntley Area Lions Club

Optalec ClearView magnification device donated to the library by the Huntley Area Lions Club.

The Huntley Area Public Library was once again honored to receive a donation from the Huntley Area Lions Club. The donation, a Optelec ClearView desktop video magnifier was presented to the library by Lion Jim Harper and Lion Jim Saletta. It was donated to the Lions Club by an anonymous Sun City resident.

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Chilling Tales Contest

Please enjoy the entries we received for our Chilling Tales Contest (January 2023)!  The challenge was open to teens (grades 6-12), who had to write a horrifying tale in just TWO sentences. Which one is your favorite? Example: I awoke to a susurration emanating from the closet, ghastly whispers behind the mirrored doors. Cautiously, I sat up in my bed, covers pulled up close to my chest, focusing my limited vision on my blurry image, … Read more