Mars One – book review

Mars One by Jonathan Maberry Realistic Fiction Romance Science Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) Tristan and his family are part of the Mars One mission – something they signed up for as a family a long time ago. They’ll be among the first colonists to go to Mars. And when they do, they’ll be leaving Earth and all of its entanglements behind forever. Tristan will have to leave his friends, and most particularly … Read more

Amy’s Big Brother – book review

Amy’s Big Brother by BonHyung Jeong Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) In this companion novel to “Kyle’s Little Sister,” we meet Amy’s big brother, Andrew. He thinks his little sister is super annoying (she is always in his business) and is thrilled that they’re going to different schools now that he’s in middle school. Andrew’s main love is basketball, until he meets Hannah. Now she’s all he can think about! … Read more

Not Sew Wicked Stepmom – book review

Not Sew Wicked Stepmom by Mo9Rang (original story by Iru) Fantasy Manga * * * Stars (Pretty good) Baekhap Lee used to design children’s clothing in her previous life. When she dies, she is reincarnated/transported into the body of Snow White’s evil stepmother (Abigail Freidkin). She finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage – something the body’s previous spirit cared about – to King Sabrian Freidkin – but Baekhap only cares about her stepdaughter, Blanche, … Read more

Refugee High – book review

Refugee High: Coming of Age in America by Elly Fishman Nonfiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) A reporter spends a year (2017-2018) following the lives of students at the Roger C. Sullivan High School. The students are all refugees whose families have fled bad situations in their homelands. They all come from different nations and cultures, and they speak different languages, but they share a common experience of being in a foreign place where … Read more

Pearl of the Sea – book review

Pearl of the Sea by Anthony Silverston, Raffaella Delle Donna, and Willem Samuel Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction Tween * * * * Stars (Great!) Pearl lives in a small seaside town that’s experiencing an economic downturn. Everyone is looking for work, and Pearl’s dad is trying to make ends meet working in restaurants, which just aren’t making a profit. He’s about to throw in the towel and move them out to the city, but Pearl … Read more

Duel – book review

Duel by Jessixa Bagley Illustrated by Aaron Bagley Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction Tween * * * Stars (Pretty good) Lucy (6th grader) and Gigi (older sis) are now going to the same middle school and it’s not ideal. The sisters have been fighting nonstop since their father passed away, and their quarrels carry over into their school lives, where, on their first day, Gigi trips Lucy in the cafeteria and Lucy challenges Gigi to a … Read more

Dark Lord’s Daughter – book review

The Dark Lord’s Daughter by Patricia Wrede Fantasy Tween * * * Stars (Pretty good) Kayla learns that she’s from another world and that she’s REALLY the daughter of the Dark Lord Xavriel of Zaradwin, and her given name is Xavrielina (lame). She and her adoptive family (mom & brother) are whisked (by magic) back to Zaradwin where Kayla is to become the new Dark Lady. Her mom gets EXTREMELY upset and protective and keeps … Read more

Curlfriends – book review

Curlfriends: New in Town by Sharee Miller Graphic novel Realistic Fiction Tween * * * Stars (Pretty good) Charlie has lived all over the world as a military brat, but now that her dad is changing careers, the family has settled down in the same town where her folks grew up, and Charlie is looking forward to starting over at her new middle school. She studies fashion magazines for ideas and puts together a new … Read more

Summer I Turned Pretty – Read It and Rate It

The Summer I Turned Pretty Summer I Turned Pretty #1 by Jenny Han Realistic Fiction Romance Review #1 * * Stars (Just ok) “The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han follows the protagonist, Isabel “Belly” Conklin, as she navigates a summer at the beach. Belly has always spent her summers with her family and their close friends, the Fishers, at the beach house. However, this summer is different. As Belly matures, she finds herself … Read more

Of Mice and Men – Read It and Rate It

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Classic Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * Stars (Pretty good) George and his best bud Lennie are migrant workers in California. Lennie isn’t always the brightest, however. Will they be able to reach their dream of owning a farm? Or will Lennie’s childish ways get in the way of that? Review #2 * * * * Stars (Great!) Of Mice and Men is about two men going … Read more